Sami Timimi 

Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist and Psychotherapist 
I have signed the ERNI declaration because in my day to day clinical work I am seeing a tsunami of young people afraid of their powerful feelings because mental health propaganda has convinced them that such feelings are signs of an illness, rather than potentially understandable reactions to adversity. 

Lasse Mattila 

Social Worker, Supervisor in Psychosocial Work and Editor-in-Chief of Mad in Sweden. 
I have signed the ERNI Declaration to contribute to a paradigm shift from the currently dominant and demonstrably counterproductive biomedical and pharmacological paradigm towards a more person-centred and rights-based paradigm. We need a move towards a paradigm where instead of individualising and pathologizing suffering, we see and understand it in a meaning-making context. 

Paul Blackburn 

Registered Counselling Psychologist / Systemic Family Therapist 
I have signed the ERNI declaration because the medicalisation of distress has been a disaster. 
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