Mollie Adler - host/producer of the Back from the Borderline podcast. 
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"I don’t want to talk to your personality; I want to talk to your soul. The idea of alchemy is to reduce something with fire – burning it down so that something new can rise from the ashes. You can do this with your personality, too. You can perform emotional alchemy. You’ve always had the power; you just didn’t know that. Now you do." 
"Welcome to Back from the Borderline, a place to unhook from your overextended life to explore, understand and integrate the darkest parts of your soul. On this podcast, there is no finish line, no quick fix or “cure.” There is no outcome, only eternal unfolding." 
"More than 50% of us will be diagnosed with a mental illness at some point in our lifetime. Many of my listeners identify with various psychiatric labels (BPD, EUPD, bipolar, CPTSD, ADHD, autism spectrum disorder, depression, etc.)" 
"The medical model of mental illness tries to convince us that the root of our suffering is due to chemical imbalances in our brains – that the best we can hope for is to numb or suppress the symptoms of these disorders, dysfunctions, and imbalances into remission." 
"The definition of “savior” is: “one that saves from danger or destruction.” What if we viewed our symptoms as saviors? Through this new lens, we can begin to see painful mental health symptoms as natural responses that we can learn to become fully conscious of and slowly change." 
"On the podcast, you’ll learn to view your symptoms as saviors; as alerts from your body, mind, and spirit that want to let you know when you’re out of alignment with the deepest yearnings of your soul. From chaos comes clarity. Through working and integrating the concepts we’ll explore together on the podcast, you’ll emerge transformed, standing in the ashes of the person you used to be." 
Mollie recommends the podcast 'completely transform the way you view your mental health symptoms with this reframe' 
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